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Taylor 518e Acoustic Guitar
Taylor | Bảo hành 36 tháng
Model #: GTP000049

80.000.000 VND
Đang giảm giá đến 20% 64.000.000 VND


    Gig Ready says... "I never thought I would be able to experience the sheer volume and projection of a jumbo-sized acoustic guitar without sacrficing clarity, richness and detail from the mid-range.
At last, Taylor has done it. This guitar will bellow like the proverbial canon, while still giving up all the lush dimension a flatpicker or fingerpicker could hope for. A testament to the substantial design talent at Taylor Guitars. This piece also happens to have some very nice bear claw in the top and flame in the back. Not too crazy, but it has just enough to give it some character... enough so you'll always know this is 'your' guitar." Taylor web site: On our 518e, the rich midrange of mahogany, together with the enhanced lows and highs that the Grand Orchestra shape produces, creates a big, round voice that blends power, warmth and complexity. This First Edition offering features premium-grade Tropical mahogany back and sides, a spruce top, side bracing, our standard 500 Series appointments with an additional Deco Diamond headstock inlay, and Expression System® electronics.

Body: Grand Orchestra   Cutaway: No
Electronics: Taylor Expression System   Neck Joint: Scarf
Number Of Frets Total: 20   Number Of Strings: 6
Top Wood: Sitka Spruce   Fingerboard: Ebony
Back: Tropical Mahogany   Bridge: Ebony
Sides: Tropical Mahogany   Neck: Tropical Mahogany
Decoration & Hardware
Top Finish: Natural Gloss   Tuners: Taylor 
Nut And Saddle: Tusq   Inlays: Diamond
Cấu trúc
Thân đàn: Grand Orchestra   Khuyết: Không
Electronics: Taylor Expression System   Kiểu nối cần: Scarf
Số phím: 20   Số dây: 6
Chất liệu
Mặt đàn: Sitka Spruce   Mặt phím: Ebony
Lưng đàn: Tropical Mahogany   Bầu ngựa: Ebony
Hông đàn: Tropical Mahogany   Cần đàn: Tropical Mahogany
Trang trí và linh kiện
Finish mặt đàn: Bóng tự nhiên   Khóa đàn: Taylor 
Ngựa và lược: Tusq   Inlays: Diamond

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