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2 Pack Special! Elixir Phosphor Bronze
Model #: GTP000798

812.500 VND
Đang giảm giá đến 20% 650.000 VND


    Save with these special Limited Edition Two Packs, while stocks last.

When you play strings with regular coating you can't ignore the fact that they don't feel natural or that there is something interfering between you and your instrument. Well, that is a thing of the past; Elixir Phosphor Bronze Acoustic strings give you the warm sparkling sound of a phosphor bronze string, theprotection of a coated string and as an added bonus it has less finger squeak! All of this lasting longer!


The new Elixir NANOWEB coating makes sure that you can play with out the obstruction of the regular coating. It is so thin, that it doesn't interfere neither with your tone nor with the feel of your guitar. All of that together with the fact that the bright tone of the phosphor bronze will last longer with out going dullThey will provide a clean feel and bright, vibrant tone with bibrant high frequency harmonics. On top, your fingers will glide smoothly over the strings. This is a great value for your money.

Try a set on your guitar today.


  • Phosphor Bronze warm, clear crisp sound
  • NANOWEB technology to extend your tone and safeguard your strings
  • Reduced finger squeak



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