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Ernie Ball MVP Most Valuable Pedal - Volume Pedal with Tuner Output
Ernie Ball
Model #: GTP000832

3.375.000 VND
Đang giảm giá đến 20% 2.700.000 VND



Everything You've Ever Wanted in a Volume Pedal?


The Ernie Ball MVP volume pedal is a powerful tool to put in your guitar's signal chain. Whether you put the MVP in front of your amplifier or in its effects loop, it gives you smooth volume control with no high-frequency loss at any volume. Even better, the minimum volume control lets you set the heel position from 0%-50% volume, and you can actually set the toe position to boost up to 20dB to hit your amplifier or pedals harder. Factor in the separate tuner output, and you may find that the Ernie Ball MVP is your new go-to volume pedal.

Ernie Ball MVP Volume Pedal Features at a Glance:

  • Rugged volume pedal with flexible setting options
  • Heel position can be set anywhere from 0% volume to 50% for setting rhythm levels
  • Toe position can be 100% volume, or up to 20dB gain boost to pump up your tone
  • Separate tuner output for silent tuning anytime
  • No high-frequency loss at any volume level

Get more from your volume pedal with the Ernie Ball MVP!

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